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Psydex - What the World is Thinking®

In 2008 Psydex was at the bleeding edge of real time analytics.

Psydex enables early detection and mitigation of influence operations and threats by transforming unstructured social media conversations into quantitative measures of subject matter that can be analyzed in real time as easily as market data. Psydex is targeted at financial markets, DoD/Intelligence, advertising and other industries where first-to-know provides a distinct advantage.

Relaunching in 2022
  • 2004 - Psydex Corporation Founded
  • 2007 - Original Psydex Patent Filing
  • 2007 - Original Psydex Trademarks
  • 2007 - DHS Conference Poster
  • 2008 - Psydex Exec v1 Pitch
  • 2009 - Hudson River Plane Crash Statistcal Alerts
  • 2009 - Marketing / Achitectural Diagrams
  • 2010 - White Paper - Time Critical Insight in a Real Time World
  • 2010 - Psydex AG (Analytics Grid) Brochure
  • 2010 - Instant Message BOT Interface with Psydex 1
  • 2010 - Instant Message BOT Interface with Psydex 2
  • 2010 - Examples of Topic Tickers (Semantic Models)
  • 2010 - Psydex Query Language (PQL)
  • 2010 - Sample UI Applications and Screen shots 1
  • 2010 - Sample UI Applications and Screen shots 2
  • 2010 - Examples of Data Feeds
  • 2011 - DARPA (Social Media Strategic Communication)
  • 2011 - Psydex Network Traffic Brochure
  • 2011 - Failed to close funding in time - Data center and feeds were shut down 😢
  • 2022 - Relaunch

    nimbio - Cloud Control

    Nimbio's AI-based Cloud Control technology monitors all aspects of software development through build, deployment and operation. Ideal for distributed applications based on Microservices and Serverless. Nimbio seamlessly tracks versioning, delivery and status of all software components in complex Hybrid Cloud environments.

    HaXint - Cyber Tools

    Microservice based Cyber tools and services for secuirty and fraud prevention, Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Defense (CND)

    WHOIS, DNS, DNSBL,IPBL, GEO, Social Media BOT/GANG detection, Nefarious name detection and more...The HaXint BOT Detection platform analyzes social media platforms detecting gangs of bad actors working to spread misinformation and disinformation memes (aka Fake News). When combined with Psydex's discourse analysis engine, it assigns attribution, establishes intent and identifies potential exposure.

    Digital Privacy Service ("DPS)"

    Global Digital Privacy Service ("DPS") on the scale of what DNS is to the internet

    Patent Pending


    Open Digital Privacy Service (

    Digital Privacy Exchange ("DPX")

    Global marketplace for buying and selling digital assets

    Patent Pending


    Open Digital Privacy Exchange (

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